Welcome to Gramercy Towers!

Lobby Remodeling

We are in the process of getting a third draft of the lobby design which will incorporate the suggestions and ideas from the residents after their review of the original design.  The goal is to present the new design to the community shortly and to once again gather your comments on the new design.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

We are pleased to inform, you that earlier this year the Association has entered into an agreement to install an Electric Vehicle (E.V.) charging station network in the garages.  The Association will not incur any expense for the installation of the network “backbone”.  This, in turn, will allow each individual owner interested to contract for the installation of a charging station for his/her own vehicle.  The electric vehicle backbone charging infrastructure installation at Gramercy Towers will start the second week of September 2018.  The Management Office will be happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

Painting and Waterproofing of Building

On Monday, January 30, Gramercy began its preparations for painting and waterproofing the building, which will take place in 2018 and 2019.  The inspections and investigation have already taken place and we are proceeding with more specific testing and a mock-up.  Contractors were out and removed some fluted metal panels, stripped the paint and sealant from a few windows and from some stamped/patterned metal panels, resealed the windows, spot painted the frames where damage or scratches existed and painted the stamped/patterned metal panels, the Architectural Committee will now review the results of the inspection and investigation as well as the analysis of the testing that will make Gramercy Towers look like the jewel of Nob Hill!

The Architectural Committee has met with five (5) contractors who have the experience and range to allow them to bid on this large project.  After having met with these contractors, the committee has selected those contractors who have the greatest experience, keen knowledge and a record of accomplishment for this very specialized work and have given them the clearance to bid on the project.  Once the bids have been reviewed, this information will be shared with the membership to allow you to gain an idea of the scope of work and the criteria for contractor selection.

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