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EV Charging Stations

It is clear, at this juncture, that electric vehicles are the future.  Electric cars are becoming more and more popular thanks to their environmental benefits and because electricity is cleaner.

While more and more charging stations are popping up in various public places, such as stores, most people charge their electric cars at home, which is great if you have your own a single-family home, but for people living in a condominium, it is not easy to charge their electric cars.

Many buildings are now offering EV charging stations and Gramercy Towers, of course, we want to provide the same service as they are offered in many luxury properties.  At this time, we would like to know if you would be interested in an EV charger for your use, presently or in the future.  As always, your comments and concerns are welcomed and encouraged.

Lobby Remodeling

As you know by now, Gramercy Towers is getting ready for a new look.  The two (2) noted design concepts were presented at the Paella Tapas Pool Party on March 15th.  We received quite a bit of feedback from homeowners and tenants alike and have taken all of your comments into great consideration.  In light of the feedback received, Cindy Bayon is now working on a new design which will be more traditional and reflecting of the Nob Hill style.  This is an important project for Gramercy as it is the first impression that owners, tenants, visitors and potential buyers are given.

Gate Painting

In addition to the improvements that have been made around the building, the entrance gates are in the final stages of being repainted and repaired to preserve Gramercy Towers’ curb appeal and maintain the luxurious aesthetics of the building.

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